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Busch & Muller Dynamo Lights

Busch & Muller Dynamo Lights

Busch & Müller Dynamo Bike Lights are some of the most groundbreaking bike lights available.

No batteries. No fuss. Get you some.

The IQ light technology offers far reaching full spread goodness.  

Bottom line, You want these lights and here's a testing chart to show why:

Busch & Muller IQ technology light chart

The key to the B + M Bike Light's brightness and efficiency stems from the Busch & Müller's use of indirect light source that uses the reflector to focus the light into an incredibly bright and full bike light that you'll never need batteries to power. When you combine the brightness of these led bike lights with the fact that you won't need batteries, you've get a fantastic long term solution to riding your bike safely at night.  These are a bike commuter's dream light.  To figure out which bike dynamo hub to pair one of these with, head over to our main Dynamo Bike Hubs + dynamo systems page.

Here are some of the best selling dynamo bike lights we carry:

Busch & Mueller Dynamo tail light wire double-two 6 ft
6 ft taillight wire to connect a dynamo head light to a dynamo tail light.
Busch & Mueller Double-two wire with 4 connectors installed
Double-two wire (6 ft) connects headlight to taillight. All four connectors installed.
Busch & Mueller Handlebar Mounting Bracket (Lenkerhalter)
Handlebar mount for Busch & Mueller dynamo headlights. Made for 31.8mm handlebars, but includes shims for smaller-diameter bars. Requires two allen keys (included).
Busch & Mueller Toplight Line Small dynamo taillight
Tiny and light but packs a hefty punch. Includes a capacitor so it stays lit for a few minutes after stopping at a red light. The holes are drilled 50 mm apart for mounting to most racks. Use this light only in conjunction with a headlight; never wire it directly to the dynamo or you'll fry the poor thing.
Busch & Mueller Secula Plus seatpost- or seatstay-mounted dynamo taillight
One of the very few dynamo taillights that'll mount to either a seatstay or seatpost. The mount swivels so that you set the light vertical. Like all B&M dynamo lights, it has a capacitor (standing light) that keeps the light on for 4 minutes after you stop (that's what the "Plus" denotes). Also features over-voltage protection. Compatible with all B&M headlights and almost all other dynamo headlights; not compatible with Supernova headlights.
Busch & Mueller Toplight Line Plus with Brake Tec dynamo tail light
This is probably the best rack-mounted dynamo tail light on the market, and definitely the most popular among our customers. Features a pulsing, wireless brake light. Compatible with most brands of front dynamo light except Supernova. Supernova lights should always be used together.
Busch & Mueller Micro Tail Light
Busch & Mueller's new Micro taillight is no bigger than a dime across the lens. Compatible with various brands of dynamo headlight. Note that with dynamo lights, the wiring from headlight to tail light is typically included with the headlight, not the tail light, so this light doesn't include a wire. You can purchase that separately from us for $4 if you need it. Mounts to your fender, seatpost, or seatstay. It also pivots, making many different mounting positions possible. Note that it doesn't have any built-in reflectors, unlike other tail lights. If you want a small taillight that does have reflectors, check out the B&M Small.
Busch & Mueller Lumotec Eyc T Senso Plus front dynamo light
Distinctively small and lightweight, Eyc T Senso Plus puts out a very bright light that is ideal for city riding and for riding at less than racing speed. That has to do principally with the beam width, which is narrower than that of the Cyo or Luxos. Like all B&M dynamo lights, it has a standing light that keeps going for 4 minutes after you stop. Also built in are a daytime running light and automatic switching. Does not include wiring for a tail light. Not for use with a Supernova tail light.
Busch & Mueller Lumotec IQ-X dynamo headlight
Busch & Mueller have outdone their top-of-the-line Luxos headlights with the 100 lux IQ-X. For road use, this is the most powerful dynamo headlight we know of. The IQ-X's new optical system produces a smoother distribution of light on the road than any other headlight. How does 100 lux translate into lumens? From a cyclist's perspective, there is no translation. Lumens describes the amount of light produced, whereas lux describes illumination of a given area at a given distance. From a cyclist's perspective, lux is a much more meaningful indicator of a light's usefulness. The housing is anodized aluminum and acts as the heat sink for the LED. The IQ-X has a standing light (like all the B&M lights we carry), as well as daytime running lights. A senso automatically switches to either daytime or nighttime mode. It does not have a blinking mode, and that's good, because a blinking light this powerful would be extremely annoying, not to mention dangerous, to both motorized and nonmotorized oncoming traffic. Mounting: compatible with other Busch & Müller headlight mounts. The included mount will work on most bikes. As with other B&M headlights, it includes wiring for a tail light. The sleek appearance of the IQ-X is also a nice step forward for Busch & Mueller. We hope B&M will offer a USB port version of the IQ-X that, like the Luxos U, lets you charge phones, cameras, and other devices while you pedal.
Busch & Mueller Luxos U
The pre-eminent dynamo light on the market includes a handlebar-mounted USB charging port, so you can use your dynamo hub to power your smart phone or an external battery either with the light on or (preferably, for faster charging) off. Luxos is the light to get if you ride where there aren't any streetlights and/or if you ride at high speed. The beam width widens the faster you go. Because it also cleanly charges your smart device, GPS unit, or external battery pack, this is very much THE light to get for bikepacking. Although some people successfully use the Luxos U with Shimano's 1.5W dynamo hub, we recommend using the standard 3W hubs from Shutter Precision, Schmidt, Sanyo, or Shimano. The only tail light we recommend with the Luxos is the B&M Top Light Line Plus with brake light.
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