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Dynamo Hubs & Lights

With about a third of all bikes we sell going out with dynamo lighting, Joe Bike is Portland's best bike shop for dynamo hubs and lights, dynamo-powered phone chargers, and complete systems. We carry Schmidt, Shutter Precision, and Shimano dynamo hubs; smart-device chargers from Busch & Mueller, Supernova, and Sinewave Cycles; and dynamo lights from Busch & Mueller, Supernova, and Schmidt. For off-road, deep wood illumination, we carry both K-Lite and Exposure bikepacking lights.

What are Dynamo Lights?

Dynamo lights are battery-free bike lights that use the energy generated by the rotation of the front wheel's generator hub.  Other names for these lights include bike dynamo, bicycle dynamo, or even dynamo bike light.

Like disc brakes or, say, Gates Carbon Drive (belt drive), dynamo lighting is one of those things you just have to experience in order to appreciate.

Here's why we recommend bike dynamo lighting:

  • You don't have to worry about your lights getting stolen and thus you don't have to remove your lights and shove them into your pockets anymore
  • You'll never lose or leave home without your lights
  • You don't have to worry about your lights dimming
  • You'll never have to replace batteries
  • You do get to enjoy features like a rear brake light (see our Busch & Muller collection)
  • You do get to charge your smart phone, Garmin, or other GPS device simply by riding your bike (see The Plug III, the Busch & Muller Luxos U, and the AXA Luxx70 Plus). You will not be able to satisfactorily charge larger smart devices such as iPad.
  • While it costs more up front, in the long run you save money.

Our favorite dynamo components

Best Dynamo Bike Lights

Right now we're recommending Busch & Mueller Toplight Line Plus with Brake Tec ($55; that's the one with the brake light) for the rear dynamo light and the 100 lux Busch & Mueller IQ-X ($146) for a dynamo headlight. Or, if you want to charge your phone or a battery pack, the Busch & Mueller Luxos U headlight ($258), which features a USB charger, a handlebar-mounted switch, wider light dispersion, and a super bright 70 lux (along with the ability to beam 90 lux for short periods). All of the dynamo lights we sell have a standing light so it stays on while you're stopped at a red light.


If you're commuting in the city and don't need the overachieving power of the Luxos, you might consider the new Busch & Mueller Lumotec Eyc T Senso Plus. For $80, this diminutive (we’d even say cute) but powerful headlamp is an excellent choice for city commuters who usually ride slower than 17 or 18 mph and who want to be seen without necessarily needing to light their own way. The version of Eyc (rhymes with “Ike”) that we carry features a daytime running light and a senso that boosts light output when it gets dark. (Or you can choose to turn the daytime running light off.) It also has a standing light, meaning it remains on (for 4 minutes) while you’re stopped.

For the rear light, the vast majority of our Portlandistan customers choose the rack-mounted B&M Top Light Line Plus with Brake Tec, $55. It pulses and it has a virtual brake light that's activated by sudden deceleration.

The Best Dynamo hubs

Shimano S-501, $100

This was our most popular Shimano dynamo hub through 2013. 6v, 3.0 watt output.  Works ideally with your touring or commuting bike. It can also power most smart devices via a handlebar-mounted USB port, in conjunction with a Busch & Mueller Luxos U or AXA Luxx70+ front light. But we have a better idea: for $50 more, you can get a superior Shutter Precision PD-8 or PL-8. Those are now far and away our preferred hubs.

Alfine S701 Centerlock

Shimano Alfine S701

Shimano Alfine S701 dynamo hub: $125 hub only, or $230 built into your existing rim The Alfine S701 is one of the first 1.5 watt (6 volt) hub dynamos with German StVZO approval for LED lamps. It combines filigree appearance, light weight (only 433g, vs. 575g for the S501), and extremely smooth rotation. Powers many front and rear lights easily--except for the newer very powerful lights, such as B&M Luxos. When this hub is used, your big powerful lights won't put out normally.

Also, if you plan on charging a smart phone (such as with the Tout Terrain The Plug III or the Luxos U light), do not use this hub; get a normal 3-watt hub instead, like the Shutter Precision, for $25 more. The Shutter Precision hub is lighter, too. 

8 series dynamo hubs
Shutter Precision PD-8 Price: $150 hub alone; $255 built into your existing rim.

This is now what we believe to be the best dynamo hub and is by far our most popular dynamo hub, going into about 90% of our dynamo wheel builds. SP dynamo's hubs are not only the lightest, but also the most efficient 3w hub on the market, and are virtually identical to the BioLogic Joule 3. The lightest SP dynamo weighs in at an unprecedented 360-390g (lighter than the little Shimano S701 1.5w!) while attaining an unmatched efficiency of 72%. These 3w dynamo hubs are premium products designed and engineered for the most demanding cycle tourists, commuters and enthusiasts.

Although various colors are occasionally available, usually we can get them only in silver or black.

It should be noted that the bigger your wheel is, the faster you'll need to be going to get your dyno hub to produce power. And this is where the Schmidt SON28 hub beats the Shutter Precision; it supplies lights and The Plug III with power at lower speeds than does the SP. This may not matter if you're on 26" wheels, but if you're riding a 29er and will be riding long stretches at under, say, 15 mph, just go for the Schmidt OR go for the American-made Sinewave Cycles Reactor, which outperforms The Plug III and lets you charge your smart device while simultaneously power your lights.

Schmidt SON28

Schmidt SON28. Price: $346 hub alone (price may vary with color); $450 built into an existing rim

This is traditionally the world's most highly regarded dynamo hub. Its very similar in performance to the Shutter Precision hubs.

  • Recommended when more light is required at low speed or when other devices are to be operated or their batteries recharged
  • Available with ISO 6 Bolt Disc or Centerlock Disc configuration
  • 6V / 3W
  • Hub Shell: aluminium 6082 T6
  • Axle: hollow axle Ø 10 mm, strain-hardened stainless steel
  • Bearings: deep groove ball bearing 629 2RSH
  • Magnets: neodym iron boron, 26 poles
  • Weight: 460g. (6 Bolt); 430g. (Centerlock)
  • 5 year warranty


USB Chargers 

The Plug III gives improved performance over the II at both low and high speeds, and costs a few dollars less ($215).

The Plug III

The Plug III gives improved performance over the II at both low and high speeds, and costs a few dollars less ($189).

Want to charge your iPhone or other smart device even if you don't have a Luxos U or AXA light? Tout Terrain's The Plug III ($189) is one of the best converters on the market, second only to the Sinewave Cycles Reactor. For use only with 3w dynamo hubs. Doesn't work sufficiently well with 1.5 w hubs. One advantage The Plus has over the Luxos U and AXA lights is that it's probably less likely to be stolen.

This is a nifty and highly efficient USB charging port that channels current from any standard 3w dynamo hub to charge smart devices such as phones, Garmins, and other GPS devices. It can also be used to recharge USB-rechargeable batteries for your lights or other devices. Not designed to charge iPads or other large smart devices directly. With a little wiring re-work that we can do, The Plug will function even while your dynamo is also powering front and rear lights, although you will have to maintain a speed of around 15 mph for all of that to happen. Otherwise, this latest version of The Plug charges even at slow speeds, starting at about 6 mph. That's a nice benefit to bike tourers hauling heavy loads.

Finally, it's pretty inconspicuous and is considered relatively theft-resistant.

Sinewave Cycles' Reactor. Outperforms The Plug III.

Sinewave Cycles' Reactor. Outperforms The Plug III.

A challenger to The Plug is the American-made Sinewave Cycles Reactor ($220). Similar to The Plug but even less conspicuous (there's not a single letter, number, or graphic on it), the Reactor has two big advantages over The Plug III: first, it begins charging at under 4 mph, and second, it lets you charge a device even while the dynamo powers  your lights. All the electronics are encased in resin, so the Reactor should be weatherproof and shock resistant.

Shimano Alfine S501 Dynamo Hub
A solid choice for a relatively low-cost, reliable dynamo. Works well with your touring or commuting bike. It can also power many smart devices and GPS units via a handlebar-mounted USB port, in conjunction with either a Busch & Mueller Luxos U front light, Supernova's The Plug power converter, or the Sinewave Cycles Reactor power converter. Quick-release axle for standard 100mm-OL dropouts. For bikes with centerLock disc brakes (can also be used with rim brakes).
Schmidt SON28 thru-axle dynamo hub
$350.00 - $377.00
Schmidt makes the best dynamo hubs in the world, and in our opinion the higher cost is well justified. Five-year warranty. Made in Germany. Call or email with any questions.
Busch & Mueller Handlebar Mounting Bracket (Lenkerhalter)
Handlebar mount for Busch & Mueller dynamo headlights. Made for 31.8mm handlebars, but includes shims for smaller-diameter bars. Requires two allen keys (included).
Busch & Mueller Micro Tail Light
Busch & Mueller's new Micro taillight is no bigger than a dime across the lens. Compatible with various brands of dynamo headlight. Note that with dynamo lights, the wiring from headlight to tail light is typically included with the headlight, not the tail light, so this light doesn't include a wire. You can purchase that separately from us for $4 if you need it. Mounts to your fender, seatpost, or seatstay. It also pivots, making many different mounting positions possible. Note that it doesn't have any built-in reflectors, unlike other tail lights. If you want a small taillight that does have reflectors, check out the B&M Small.
Busch & Mueller Secula Plus seatpost- or seatstay-mounted dynamo taillight
One of the very few dynamo taillights that'll mount to either a seatstay or seatpost. The mount swivels so that you set the light vertical. Like all B&M dynamo lights, it has a capacitor (standing light) that keeps the light on for 4 minutes after you stop (that's what the "Plus" denotes). Also features over-voltage protection. Compatible with all B&M headlights and almost all other dynamo headlights; not compatible with Supernova headlights.
Supernova E3 Pro Triple 2
E3 Triple features a wide illumination pattern for outstanding illumination off road. Not recommended for on-road use, as the light can blind oncoming traffic. Aluminum case, 130g Wiring included. Powered by standard dynamos (dynamo hub not included) Ideal for 24-hour MTB racing, off-road bikepacking, randonneuring, cyclocross training, and general off-road night riding Choose either the Multi-mount version, which is a versatile dual-pivot, height-adjustable arm that mounts to hole in fork crown, or the handlebar mount version. If you are using a suspension fork, get the handlebar mount. Internal capacitor keeps the light on for up to 7 minutes after you stop pedaling. What tail light to get? Just make sure it's the same brand, as Supernovas don't always play nice with others.
Supernova E3 TL Dynamo Tail Light Seatpost mount
The E3 TL2 tail light is intended for use only with Supernova front lights. The seatpost version attaches to your seatpost by an o-ring and includes a pair of gold-plated connectors.
Schmidt SON28 Dynamo Hub
This is traditionally the world’s most highly regarded dynamo hub. It's very similar in performance to the Shutter Precision hubs. •Available with ISO 6 Bolt Disc or Centerlock Disc configuration •6V / 3W •Hub Shell: aluminium 6082 T6 •Axle: hollow axle Ø 10 mm, strain-hardened stainless steel •Bearings: deep groove ball bearing 629 2RSH •Magnets: neodym iron boron, 26 poles •Weight: 460g. (6 Bolt); 430g. (Centerlock) •5 year warranty (longer than any other hub) The Schmidt SON28 is especially recommended if you want light at especially low speeds. It will produce front and rear light starting at about 7 mph, whereas the Shutter Precision will start at about 11 mph. And that's the Schmidt's one distinct performance advantage over the SP, to our knowledge. And remember that the bigger your wheels and tires are, the faster you'll need to be going to make light happen, so if you're riding a 29er under 12-13 mph for long periods, the Schmidt may be best for you.
Busch & Muller IQ-XS dynamo headlight
New from Busch & Mueller, the IQ-XS is smaller and lighter than the IQ-X but costs a third less while packing almost the same punch. The extensive light field, as well as light at close range, makes every ride in the dark an enjoyable experience. During the day, the integrated daytime running light offers maximum safety. Includes wiring for a taillight.
Busch & Mueller Double-two wire with 4 connectors installed
Double-two wire (6 ft) connects headlight to taillight. All four connectors installed.
Busch & Mueller Toplight Line Small dynamo taillight
Tiny and light but packs a hefty punch. Includes a capacitor so it stays lit for a few minutes after stopping at a red light. The holes are drilled 50 mm apart for mounting to most racks. Use this light only in conjunction with a headlight; never wire it directly to the dynamo or you'll fry the poor thing.
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