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Expert, Friendly Service and Repair

Joe Bike hires only seasoned, personable mechanics and pays them well, with a living wage, premium pay during the pandemic, health insurance, paid time off, sick pay, and other benefits. The result for you is outstanding service, as reflected in our stellar reviews and rankings. We may charge a little more than other shops, but we're worth it.

How to get service

For quick repairs, such as flat tires or brake pad replacements, please knock on the front door (with a mask on, please) and we'll come out to greet you.

For tune-ups and bigger repairs, please either call us to discuss your bike with us, or simply knock on the front door for an estimate. We're phasing out our online appointment system because it inhibited communication about your bike and what it might need. We find that customers get a far better experience, and very often faster service, by having a conversation with a mechanic, whether over the phone or, preferably, in person. 

So grab your bike and come knock on our door. When you arrive, please wear a mask, which is the only way we'll open the door. Estimates are free. Depending on how the conversation and diagnosis go, we can then either take the bike in for work while you wait; take the bike in so we can get to it as soon as we can; or make an appointment with you for a future date.

What not to do at this time

Please understand that we're working with a smaller staff than normal, that supply chains are often broken right now, and that anybody working with the public is probably under a good deal of stress. One implication of that: out of mutual respect, courtesy, and care for one another's safety, you must wear a mask when you're at our door or we won't open it, and keep a safe distance at all times. Through trial and error we have arrived at this policy: first, customers aren't allowed in the store; second, No mask, No service, No exceptions. 

Remember that with a reduced staff, interrupted supply chains, and all the extra precautions, we can't be as prompt as normal, and we ask for you to understand that delays may occur with: service, shipping, communication, and everything else. 

The vast majority of our customers have been fantastic, and we are deeply grateful. A small percentage have felt entitled to our service without showing an iota of respect for our safety. Please don't be one of those people. 

Schedule service

Basic Tune & Safety Check


Includes the following:

Lube skewers, chain, derailleur pivots, spoke nipples

Grease cables/housing

Torque all bolts

Align brake/shift levers and handlebar/stem

True wheels (basic)

Adjust derailleurs

Adjust brakes

Test ride and quality check

IMPORTANT! If your bike requires more than the above and/or new parts, which we won't know till we see the bike, there will be additional charges.

Single-Speed Tune-Up


Includes the following:

Lube skewers, chain, spoke nipples

Grease cables/housing

Torque all bolts

Align brake levers and handlebar/stem

True wheels (basic)

Adjust brakes

Test ride and quality check

IMPORTANT! If your bike requires more than the above and/or new parts, which we won't know till we see the bike, there will be additional charges.

Full Tune-Up


Bike wash

True, dish, round, and tension wheels

Adjust hub bearings

Adjust bottom bracket

Adjust headset

True disc brake rotors

Resurface brake pads

Size cable housing (as needed)

Test ride and quality check

IMPORTANT! If your bike requires more than the above and/or new parts, which we won't know till we see the bike, there will be additional charges.

Schedule a General Appointment

The Total, Two-Part Overhaul, $290.

Why is this the best deal in town? Because you get a free follow up visit, including tuning and cleaning, roughly 90 days later, just in time for spring.

An overhaul will return your bike to top-notch condition, with every bearing serviced or replaced as needed, wheels trued, cables replaced as necessary, and shifting and braking tuned to the best of the equipment’s ability. Stated another way, as one Yelp reviewer put it: “Had a full overhaul on my commuter bike… came back to me like new, actually better than new.”

What else? 

Since we’re going to be taking the bike apart and putting it back together, an overhaul is the absolute perfect time to save on labor charges and obtain good advice on upgrades and conversions, to optimize how the bike fits you, to add racks and bags, and to winterize your bike with fenders, a dyno hub and lights that’ll never need batteries, mudflaps, fresh-scented new tires with reflective side stripes for carrying on with your mad cycling habit through the dark months. And so on. About 3 months later, we’ll clean the bike of its winter grit and grime, check the bike over, and make any necessary minor adjustments.

Details: Parts are additional; assume an average of $80-$100 for replacement parts, possibly including ball bearings and cones, brake pads, chains/cassettes/chainrings, bottom brackets, cables, grips/tape, or others. More details: The mechanic performing the work will inspect the entire bike for wear or damage and make appropriate decisions and recommendations as to whether each part is safe. No work will be performed or parts replaced that exceed the initial estimate given except by approval of the bike’s owner. To minimize your bike’s downtime, we recommend you call ahead to make an appointment, though we do accept drop-ins. 503 954-2039. The best detail of all: your bike will feel like new again. Or maybe better than new.

Service Labor Rates

So you don't need a full tune-up?  No worries, we have a-la-carte pricing and fast service for your specific bike needs.  Pricing is per component and includes labor only.

Adjust derailleur$28Install chain$17
Adjust brake front or rear$22Install cassette/freewheel$17
Pack bike for shipping$88True wheel, minor or major$22-39
Install tube/tire (flat fix)$13Overhaul/service internally geared hub$55
Bleed hydraulic brake$50Wheel build front or rear$100
Adjust rear hub$22Install tube, tire (flat fix)$13
Adjust front hub$17Install fenders, plastic$40
Overhaul rear hub/freehub (non-IGH)$45Tubeless setup (includes sealant) per wheel$30
Overhaul front hub$28Install crankset$28
Adjust headset$18-22Install handlebar tape$22
Install headset$45-60Install rack, front or rear$22-30
Install shift or brake cable$28Assemble shipped bike$88
Adjust bottom bracket$22Replace spoke front/rear$28/33
Install bottom bracket$40Wire dynamo front and tail lights$60