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Supernova The Plug III

Supernova The Plug III
This item is currently not available.


The Plug III sits where your stem cap is. It contains a USB charging port so you can charge your GPS, smartphone, USB lights, or external battery via your dynamo hub. Best use: let it charge your external battery, then charge your devices via the battery.

· Transforms dynamo AC to exact USB spec. DC from 12 km/h. That means you need to be riding 12 km/h before charging starts (with 700c wheels; charges at slower speed if your wheels are smaller)
· Now further improved with no upper charge speed limit: you won't burn anything out just because you're flying down a mountain at high speed.
· Replaces headset top cap
· Does not include Steerer Tube Expander Plug

For use with 3W dynamo hubs (almost all dyno hubs are 3W).

Note: We carry The Plug under two different brand names: Supernova and Tout Terrain/Cinq5. The device itself is identical, but the name stamped on it may be one or the other.

Part Numbers

theplug 20010