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Since the brand’s inception in 1997, Ridley has invested heavily in Research & Development. This has enabled them to be at the forefront of various innovations such as aerodynamic bikes, the tapered head tube, the use of carbon in bikes, and the emerging European gravel market. Throughout the years, they have also remained true to their technological philosophy: Form Follows Function. Every part of the frame must have an added value. Some aesthetic elements, of course, are permitted – as long as they don’t compromise the bike’s optimal function.

Ridley Ridley Ignite SLX w/ rigid fork
This bike includes FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental US. The Ignite SLX is the top hardtail model in Ridley's cross country mountain bike range. This MTB features an extremely ingenious carbon lay-up which is key in achieving such amazing riding characteristics that you'll feel from the first pedal stroke. They use Toray Carbon with high tensile strength for the front end of the bike. At the rear, they opted for a different carbon lay-up to maximize vertical flex. The increased steering angle (trail) provides an extra stable riding feel. R&D also gave the seat stays an asymmetrical, oval shape to maximize stiffness. Don't let a single Watt go to waste! The result is an Ignite SLX MTB that's light, stiff and agile. Take those flowing singletracks and steep slopes faster than anyone else…for the win!
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