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See & Be Seen

Choosing your lights

Having proper lighting is just as important as making sure your tires are inflated and your bike is safe to ride. Bike lights and high visibility accessories are essential,  especially during low-light days and evening rides. We have an excellent selection of bright and durable lights to ensure that you’re seen during the day and throughout the night.

 We also have a wide selection of dynamo-powered lights and accessories so you can keep seeing where you're going without the need to recharge a battery. Don't have a dynamo wheel yet? We have a full selection of hubs and lights if you are interested in making the switch! 

Battery Powered

Whether you're commuting or pedaling through Forest Park at night, the right light can make the ride that much more enjoyable. Battery-powered lights are easy to swap between bikes and take off when you're not using them, and they're easy to charge. Most of the lights we carry in our store are charged via USB cable so there's no need to buy replacement batteries when your lights are low on power!


Dynamo Powered

Tired of dead lights or having to change/charge batteries? Perhaps you've wished there was a way to charge your phone while riding? A dynamo may be the answer! Dynamo systems provide a steady stream of power to your electronic devices while you ride. Not only can you power your front and rear lights, but you can also attach a battery pack to the dynamo system and store the power that your hub is generating. 

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