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Dynamo Lighting

Dynamo lighting is the single biggest improvement for safe biking around Portland. With your lights powered by the motion of the bicycle, you are limited only by how far you can pedal. Joe Bike has the largest selection of dynamo hubs, lights, and chargers in the city and specializes in complete system installation with products from Schmidt, Supernova, Busch+Müller, Kasai, Shutter Precision, Sinewave, Velo Lumino, and Shimano.

Here's why we recommend dynamo lighting:

  • Never worry about forgetting, losing, or forgetting to turn on your lights!

  • Dynamo power is reliable and doesn’t require charging batteries or carry the risk of your lights dying during a ride.

  • Enables charging other devices or a cache battery to provide power to GPS, cellphone, or SPOT tracking device.

  • Wide selection of headlamps with wide, shaped beams for road use (this keeps the light on the road and not in the eyes of oncoming traffic!) or super-bright round beams for trail use.

  • Tail lights are bigger, brighter, and can even provide an automatic brake light effect!

  • Headlights and tail lights can be mounted to many different parts of the bicycle, such as the handlebars, fork crown, fork leg, front rack, seatpost, saddle, seat stay, or rear rack mount--just to name a few!

The Best Dynamo Lights for Every Situation

Because there are so many different use cases for bicycle lighting, there may not be a single best headlight for everyone, but we tend to like the Schmidt Edelux II for its wide, consistent beam and excellent durability and build quality. Busch+Müller’s IQ-X, IQ-XS, and Eyc (pronounced “Ike”) are excellent options with distinct beam patterns. The IQ-X and IQ-XS share a similar body design, with the IQ-X gaining the option to change the lamp’s orientation, a brighter and wider 100 lux light beam (vs. 70 lux for the IQ-XS). The Eyc is much more minimalist, with a budget-conscious price point and narrower 50 lux beam field. All three lights feature automatic daytime running lights, standlight function to provide visibility while stopped, and a horizontal beam shape to keep the light focused on the road, and are a great option for commuting and “road plus” riding.

All of these lights can be paired with a variety of B+M taillights, from the extremely small micron (µ) to the large Line series or ever-popular Secula or Secuzed. The Micron, Secula, and Secuzed can mount to a fender, seatpost, or chainstay while the Line series can mount to a rack or saddle rail adaptor. The Line Brake Plus features circuitry that detects a drop in current as the bike slows and uses stored power to increase brightness, giving a tail light effect just like a car.

What is a dynamo hub?

Hub Dynamos generate electrical current by using the rotation of the wheel to spin magnets inside the hub shell around a coil mounted to the axle. This can then be connected to a headlight or USB charger with wires running up the fork leg, or internally routed on specially designed forks. Most hubs will be able to fully power a headlight and taillight system at 8 MPH. Some hubs designed for smaller wheels provide less resistance, and consequently provide less power,  instead relying on the faster rotation those smaller wheels provide. These hubs, such as the SONdelux, are often considered the ultimate choice for riders who prioritize minimal resistance and overall speed over the low-speed power. 

Much like hydraulic brakes, dynamo lighting is one of those things that really must be experienced to truly understand the benefits. 

Schmidt SON28

This is one of the best and most reliable dynamo hubs. If you ride at higher speeds, its performance and resistance is preferable to Shutter Precision hubs.

  • Recommended when more light is required at low speed or when other devices are to be operated or their batteries recharged
  • Available with ISO 6 Bolt Disc or Centerlock Disc configuration
  • 6V / 3W
  • Hub Shell: aluminium 6082 T6
  • Axle: hollow axle Ø 10 mm, strain-hardened stainless steel, or 12mm thru-axle
  • Bearings: deep groove ball bearing 629 2RSH
  • Magnets: neodym iron boron, 26 poles
  • Weight: 460g. (6 Bolt); 430g. (Centerlock)
  • 5 year warranty

Shutter Precision PD-8

Shutter Precision (SP) makes some of the best dynamo hubs we carry and the PD-8 is by far our most popular dynamo hub, going into the majority of our dynamo wheel builds. SP dynamo's hubs are not only the lightest, but also the most efficient 3w hub on the market. The lightest SP dynamo weighs in at an unprecedented 360-390g, which is lighter than the 1.5w Shimano S701! They also attain an unmatched efficiency of 72%. These 3w dynamo hubs are premium products designed and engineered for the most demanding cycle tourists, commuters and enthusiasts.

The PD-8 comes in a variety of colors! Call and check our stock to see what's available!

Kasai Dynacoil Hub

The Dynacoil is the latest addition to our collection of dynamo offerings and is a similar (if not identical) design to the SP hubs.

These are compact and efficient dynamo hubs for 700c, 650b and 26" wheels. They meet German StVZO standards (K1280) and over the same efficiency as SP hubs: 72% at 10mph.

Shimano S501

This was our most popular Shimano dynamo hub for many years. The S501's 6v, 3.0 watt output is still a solid choice for touring or commuting bicycles. It can also power most smart devices via a handlebar-mounted USB port, in conjunction with a Busch & Mueller Luxos U or AXA Luxx70+ front light. 

Dynamo Charging

NOTE: Be aware that the bigger your wheel is, the faster you'll need to be going to get your dyno hub to produce power. And this is where the Schmidt SON28 hub beats the Shutter Precision; it supplies lights and a dynamo charger with power at lower speeds than the Shutter Precision. This may not matter if you're on 26" wheels, but if you're riding a 700c/29" wheels and staying below15 mph, the better option is the Schmidt or American-made Sinewave Cycles Reactor.

Sinewave Beacon

  • Charge your phone, GPS, or any other USB device directly from the Beacon; no need for a separate charger.
  • An external, off-the-shelf USB battery pack can be connected to maintain bright, flicker-free light even when stopped or riding slowly.  Any available dynamo power replaces battery power until reaching a speed when all power is provided by the dynamo and the battery is no longer used.
  • Lots of light, suitable for any style of riding. 
  • Ideal choice for off-road riding.
  • Dynamo power is optimized at low-to-medium speeds, reaching 200 lumens at just 5 MPH, 500 lumens at 8 MPH, 650 lumens at 10 MPH, and 750 lumens at 13 MPH.
  • Intelligently balances power between light and charger to optimize simultaneous use.
  • A supercapacitor, charged while riding, provides about 5 minutes of standlight when stopped.
  • We are able to mix-and-match different colors for the front, middle, and back of the Beacon.  Pick a combination that matches your bike or represents your country or team.  Contact us about custom colors.
  • The 10mm mounting tab is compatible with mounting hardware from B&M, Supernova, Schmidt, etc
  • While still in the "cool white" range, the Beacon generates slightly warmer light than other LED headlights.  This results in less glare, less strain on your eyes, and does a better job reproducing natural colors.
  • Designed to be used in any conditions.  Multiple seals protect against water ingress, electronics are potted in epoxy, and all connectors are gold plated and designed for resistance to the elements.
  • L x W x H - 58 x 42 x 42mm
  • 115g (includes 36" dynamo wire)

Sinewave Reactor

The Sinewave Reactor takes the performance of their Revolution dynamo-powered USB charger and shrinks it into a package that fits above the star-fangled nut in a threadless steerer tube, with a pass through for the 6mm bolt. The only visible part is a custom CNC-milled stem cap holding the USB connector. The cap is only 9.8mm tall and available in silver, black, red and blue. The Reactor is compatible with 1" and 1 1/8" threadless systems. The Reactor is made in the USA.

  • Reactor installation instructions can be found here
  • An excellent installation guide, with pictures, can be found here.

  • Cell Phones
  • GPS
  • Battery Packs
  • Rechargeable Headlights
  • Rechargeable Speakers
  • Any USB-powered device!


  • Best in class efficiency 
  • High Speed Overload Protection
  • Easy Installation
  • Shock and vibration toughened
  • Waterproof
  • Gold-plated USB connector won't rust or corrode
  • Starts charging at 3.5 MPH (5.5 km/h)

  • Full charging at 9 MPH (14.4km/h)

  • Max current: 1 Amp
    Also works with DC input up to 52V

  • Weight: 43 grams (35g Reactor; 8g wire)

  • Stack height: 9.8mm

  • Wire length: 36" (91 cm) (contact us if your setup requires a longer wire)

  • Wire ends: Stripped wire (for hub connection), Reactor pins (for Reactor connection)

B&M Luxos U

With a new light and reflector design, the Busch & Mueller Luxos U headlight raises the bar for dynamo powered LED headlights: 70 Lux, light field twice as wide as previous LED headlights, lights an area that is several times larger, maximally homogenous. Dynamo-powered light enters a new dimension – so wide, so far, so pristinely bright. 

Panorama Close Range Light: 

The light field is as excellent and wide as never before. Directly in front of the bicycle and also out wide, beyond the edge of the road. Flood light: Full output of all light sources. Ideal for navigating tricky road sections in pitch darkness. Activated by remote push button. Push button during the day: signal pulse light. During darkness while standing still: Beam boost.

USB charging option: 

Charges USB devices (mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player) with USB energy. An integrated lithium cache battery supplies constant voltage.

Handlebar push button: 

You control your light directly. All important light functions can be switched on the handlebar: ON/OFF, floodlight, beam boost headlight, and day/night modes.

Integrated lithium cache battery: 

This additional energy storage unit is used for peaks of demand as well as charging. Recharges continually when cycling. The charging status is indicated by an LED inside the handlebar button.

LIGHT 24: 

Day-ride light signalling LEDs shine brightly. A sensor switches automatically between day and night modes.


Automatic: special LEDs are directed so they are perceived by other traffic participants and it can be switched off with the handlebar push button. 

Rear light monitoring: 

A control LED inside the headlight continually shows whether or not a connected rear light functions properly.

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