If you've narrowed your choice to a particular model, or you're trying to fine-tune the fit on your current bike, please list the Make and Model:

Note: Be sure to use the same units of measurement (inches or centimeters) throughout this form. You'll be asked for which units you used on the final page of the form.

Step 1

Leg Length (Inner)

In socks, stand straight with your back and heels against a wall, feet about 6 inches apart. Hold a coffee-table book or carpenter's square between your legs with one edge against the wall to keep the edge in your crotch exactly level. Raise the book until it stops against the pubic bone in your crotch. Measure from the floor to the top edge making sure the book's other edge is still flat against the wall.

Tips: Stand straight and double-check that the book is level. Inner leg length is NOT the same as your pant inseam length! Mouse over image at right for a second view of positioning.

Step 2

Torso Length

Using the same set-up as for Step 1, measure from the top edge of the square/book to the center of the sternum notch. This is the V you can feel at the base of your neck, top of your chest. Again, be sure the square's edge remains against the wall.

Tip: Stand straight and keep the square or book level. Mouse over the image at right to see a close-up of the strenum notch.

Step 3

Arm Length

Hold your arm as shown in the diagram. Measure down from the point where the top of your arm meets your shoulder to the center of the web of skin between your thumb and forefinger.

Tip: Keep the arm and wrist straight.

Step 4

Shoulder Width

Measure the width between the center of each shoulder.

Tip: This is used for handlebar width.

Step 5

Thigh Length

Use a square (or book) as in Step 1, placed in the crotch and touching the pubic bone. Face the wall, while kneeling, keeping the forward edge of the book squarely against the wall. Measure from the top of the square (book binding) to the floor.

Tip: Kneel with straight back and legs. This measurement is more accurate when taken on a hard-surface floor because padding under carpet compresses.

Step 6

Foot Length

With the heels touching the wall and pointing straight ahead, butt the book or square across the front of the feet so it touches the two longest toes. Measure from the wall to the edge of the square.

Tip: This is NOT the same as shoe size.

Step 7


In socks, measure from the floor to the top of the head. Here you can use the book/square again to find the highest point.

Tip: Stand straight. Don't slouch. Eat your vegetables.

Step 8


This helps in determining reach and flexibility.

Tip: Please use pounds. If this number is higher than you'd like it to be, you should have eaten your veggies like we told you to in Step 7.

Step 9

Tell Us More

Please let us know how flexible you are based on this simple test:

Stand straight up in socks with your knees straight. Bend at the waist and try to touch your toes. Did you do it?

My hands were level with my knees
My hands reached mid-shin
Yes, I can just get there.
Yes, I can palm the floor. Yoga anyone?

Step 10


Congratulations! You've entered the information we need to help you enjoy a better fit and more comfortable ride. Check over your entries. Print a copy for yourself and then click Send To Us to automatically email your information.

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