From January 14 through March, get $150 off any Surly bike, whether it’s in stock or special order, on top of any other discounts. This applies to any bike that we can get from Surly during that timeframe. Example. The 2015 Disc Trucker is $1400 and the 2014 Disc Trucker is $1350.

The new 2015 Raleigh Misceo 4.0 i8 is normally $1300, but we’re selling them for $1199. Just to be clear: This is a belt-drive, Alfine-8 city/light-trail bike with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes…for $1199. And, we’re upgrading the rubber to Schwalbe Marathon for free, for superior puncture protection. Only at Joe Bike. You better ride this like you stole it, because you pretty much will have.

Likewise, the 2015 Raleigh Cadent i8, comes with Schwalbe Marathon Plus at no extra charge. Only here. This is a very valuable upgrade.

Norco Indie Drop Alfine 11 with Di2 shifting: Our 2014’s are marked down from $2300 to $1899 (only sizes 51, 57, and 60 are left). Bonus: We’re including the $100 Shimano battery charger for free, something that Norco didn’t include with the bikes.

Norco Indie Drop 2: marked down from $879 to $779. Sizes 51 only.

Spot Ajax 42 cm stepthrough: Regularly $1799, on sale for $1399, in this color only (all other Ajaxes are black):Ajax purple






Spot Acme: All sizes of the Spot Acme are $400 off: $1899 instead of $2299.

Spot Rallye: Possibly the world’s sickest singlespeed, belt-drive cyclocross bike. Available for $2599, regularly $3000. Either singlespeed/belt or geared/chain. To be frank, most sizes are out of stock, but hit us up. The Rallye is our cyclocross team’s official bike. We have one green 54 cm Rallye complete on sale for $2299 as a singlespeed with belt drive. It was raced a total of one time by a bearded guy on our cyclocross team whose knee sidelined him for the season. That right there was a $700 race. The bike is in perfect condition. Can be converted to chain/geared in exchange for cold hard cash in our hands, slipped into our g-strings, or pretty much anywhere else around here.

Spot Wazee: regularly $2349, now $2149 for all sizes. Want your own color? For $250 we can have it powdercoated any color you like, all disassembly/reassembly labor included. Are we crazy? No, that’s just how it pencils out.

Wazee is what we call the ultimate urban bike–belt drive, Alfine 11, hydro disc brakes, steel frame and fork, Schwalbe tires, and an exhilerating full-body kind of ride experience that will make you glad you’re not Dutch, not dead, or both not Dutch and not dead. Oh, what a feeling!

Spot Honey Badger

The Honey Badger looks sweet but actually does not give a shit what you aim it at. Honey Badger will chew it up, spit out, take selfies on the scattered remains of it, and then pick it up again and swallow it. Is that a bit much? No, actually it’s not. After days of product testing at Sandy Ridge and elsewhere in these parts, we can verify that the cannulated seat tube helps make this hardtail 29er feel almost like a dual-suspension on jagged descents, but without the weight. On sale for $1799 (singlespeed/belt or geared/chain). Normally $2599 or $2699, respectively. We can ship you one across the continental US. Don’t procrastinate. Available in sizes M, L, XL; Small is sold out. Quantities are limited.

Salsa Fargo: Purchase any Fargo 2 or Fargo 3 and get $100 in credit for accessories or parts. This will go a long way toward outfitting your Fargo with Revelate frame bags. Or anything else. This offer applies to both in-stock Fargos and  any Fargo we order for you. It doesn’t apply to Fargo 1 or to the  suspension Fargo.