All adult-size generation-2 Nutcase helmets are 20% off ($48 instead of $60). Generation-3 Nutcase helmets are $70 and have a slightly different shape as well as some new patterns. Exception: Little Nutty helmets.



Raleigh has two new belt-drive models that we’re picking up in August 2014: the Misceo 5.0 and the Cadent i2x8. These are both $1300, but here is the deal: If you pre-order one by August 1, we’ll knock $100 off. Because pre-ordering helps us figure out how many to order in advance. We will post sizing charts as soon as we get them, but we’re already familiar with Raleigh sizing.

Spot Brand

Honey Badger:

honeybadgerThe sweet-looking but voracious Honey Badger is tired of this hibernation BS and is longing for deep lungfuls of fresh mountain air and trails to chew up, spit out, and take selfies on the scattered remains of. After days of product testing at Sandy Ridge and elsewhere in these parts, we can verify that the cannulated seat tube helps make this hardtail 29er feel almost like a dual-suspension on jagged descents, but without the weight. On sale for $1999 (single speed/belt or geared/chain). Normally $2599 or $2699, respectively. We can ship you one across the continental US and up to Canada. Don’t procrastinate.

In stock: belt/singlespeed, size medium; chain/geared, size large. Other sizes (both geared and ss) by special order (yes, at $1999).


Urban bikesGet $50 worth of free accessories when you buy a Disc Trucker or a Straggler. This can be anything from credit towards a kick-ass dynamo lighting system that also charges your smart device, to fenders, racks, panniers, a leather saddle, or even apparel. We have a lot of dark-green 2013 Disc Truckers at $1400 and a lot of dark-green or maroon 2014 Truckers at $1500, with minimal differences between the two. The Trucker shown here, for example, features a PDW Payload rack, wood fenders, a Brooks saddle, and Brooks bartape.


Norco Indie Drop Di2: $2199 from the original price of $2399. Sizes 51, 54, 57, and 60 cm. This bike is an amazing piece of engineering and its double-butted chromoly frame is probably the most comfortable of its type that we’ve ridden. Some bikes somehow just escape notice, and this is one of them. Come on, it’s Di2 meets Alfine 11, the bicycle equivalent of gin meets tonic. Be among the first to discover it.