The Full Tune Up

Full Tune Up: $75.00 The Joe Bike Tune Up adjusts both derailleurs (including disassembly of the rear pulleys), both brakes, including pad installation; adjusts both hubs, headset, and bottom bracket; cleans and trues both wheels; cleans and inspects the frame; lubricates the cables, chain, and all moving pivot points; includes a safety check and tire inflation. We’ll let you know if anything is nearing or past its useful life and recommend various solutions to meet your needs and budget. Any necessary replacement parts and associated labor costs are additional. Services¬†that may¬†accompany a tune up include:

  • Cable replacement w/ tune up: $5.00 per cable
  • Shifter replacement, including cable: $8.00
  • Derailleur replacement, with or without cable: $5.00