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Spot  Acme
  • Options: Portlandistan kit (dyno lights, rack, fenders)
  • Options: Portlandistan kit (dyno lights, rack, fenders)

Spot Acme


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$2,049.00 - $2,249.00

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2017 Spot Acme

We're now offering the Portlandistan kit, which normally costs over $300 including labor, for the list price of the base bike, $2249. (See Features for what's included). Or choose the base bike (including dynamo hub) for $2049.

For 2017 Spot rolls out an improved Acme that includes a Shimano dynamo hub, leather saddle, leather grips, and polished alloy cockpit.

It’s no secret that the hunched-over geometry of road bikes alienates many cyclists. Enter the Acme, a city bike that hums along at road speeds while also allowing you to actually enjoy the ride. Think of it as a Mercedes on two wheels. The Acme is lighter and faster than most city bikes, which means you get to work on time with ease. It features the most advanced, most reliable, most weatherproof, lowest maintenance, and cleanest drivetrain on the market. It has a belt instead of a chain, which means no need to oil it, no gunk, and no pants-eating. (The belt also last much longer than a chain). The Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub is also gunk-free and requires almost no maintenance. There are no derailleurs to maintain.

Like a high-performance European sedan, the frame’s gently swooping curves convey understated elegance. It's a lightweight alloy and Spot's unique tubeset, along with Spot's own carbon fork. It's the Acme of modern urban riding: a finely tuned mix of precision engineering, style, innovation and speed. Rediscover the joy of cycling.

Like all the models Joe Bike stocks, the Acme features all-weather disc brakes for superior stopping power, especially in the rain, and reduced maintenance versus rim brakes. Also like all the bikes we carry, the Acme features rack and fender mounts. It doesn't include dynamo lights, but you're in the right place for that, as we specialize in dynamo systems.