Spot Dualie with Carbon Drive

Spot Dualie at Golden Gate

Spot Dualie

If you’ve never ridden a bike with a kick shift, don’t feel out of the loop, they’re not exactly on every street corner. And if you’ve never ridden a 2-speed kick shift bike with a Gates CenterTrack belt drive on a gorgeous track frame – well that’s because there hasn’t been one. Until now. The Dualie is eccentric in every sense of the word. It has the soul of a single-speed street bike slicing through town with the physicality of unparalleled technical innovation. Back pedal slightly to downshift, and do the same to upshift. It’s as simple as it sounds. And with no gear cables or handlebar shifters, it looks simple too.
Spot Coyote and Dualie limited edition orange Six sizes available, from 45cm to 60cm. $1199 with kickback hub. We don’t normally keep the Dualie in stock but can special-order one for you. For geometry and spec, please visit Spot’s Dualie page. Shipping is available via UPS or by pickup at your nearest Amtrak station. Please note that, unlike Spot’s other urban bikes, Dualie does not have fender or rack mounts. Australian customers: We offer low-cost, insured shipping to Australia. Please see to get a quick shipping quote. You’ll need to enter these typical box dimensions: 133 x 22 x 79 cm, gross weight 17 kg. Bonus: There is no within-US shipping charge for Australian customers, because PriceUSA has an office in Portland.