Locks for bikes, wheels, and other parts

There are now some pretty sophisticated ways to secure the more vulnerable parts of your bike. We sell locks that will keep your wheels (whether quick-release or not), seat, seatpost, headset, and even your dynamo lights secure. Our biggest-selling brand is Pitlock.

A Pitlock skewer and nut. Photo: Peter White Cycles, our Pitlock distributor.

A Pitlock skewer and nut. Photo: Peter White Cycles, our Pitlock distributor.







Then of course are bike locks. We focus on Kryptonite and Abus. Relatively compact, U-locks are without a doubt one of the most convenient and secure ways to lock your bicycle. We keep a broad range of Kryptonite and Abus U-locks on hand in different sizes and security levels, and we’re happy to explain the differences amog them. Cable locks are also available, but we consider them to be less secure and should be primarily used to protect things like wheels. Used in conjunction with a U-lock, cable locks are a perfectly acceptable way to keep someone from waltzing off with your front wheel or seatpost.

series 2 mini orangeIn general, smaller sizes are more resistant to prying because it’s harder to insert a car jack or pry bar in there to bust the lock open. Small is good also because it’s lighter and more convenient to carry. The Kryptonite Series2 Mini U-lock is an affordable option with a lot of security, and now it comes in different colors like this orange one. They feature a disc-style key which is nearly impossible to pick open, a tough steel shackle and crossbar, and come with a frame-mounted bracket for storage.  We sell the Series2 Mini for $45, and are happy to install the bracket on your bike and show you how to use the lock in the most efficient way possible. It comes with registration paperwork to send in to Kryptonite in case you lose your keys. Kryptonite also offers an anti-theft lock guarantee if you can provide the broken pieces of your lock. We also have the standard size Series 2 lock and the wide ATB size. The step above the Series 2 is the orange-shackle EVO U-lock from Kryptonite. Made from an air-hardened steel, the lock itself weighs the same but is many times more resistant to being cut with any kind of toothed blade.

 Hey! Why didn’t anyone think of this years ago!? The new Messenger Mini Plus features a shackle on a shackle! The little being for one of your wheels. Our customers are liking this one a lot, and so are we. $79.

Messenger Mini $43

Kryptonite evolution series 4 1055 mini integrated chainA few more locks we often have in stock are shown here.

Kryptonite Hardwire 2085 braided cable with bracket

Kryptonite 955M KryptoLock series 2, short or long

We can also obtain the highest-end, yellow-shackled New York locks from Kryptonite, which use the same air-hardened steel as the Evolution locks but are a much larger diameter bar. Call or email to order.