Lights, battery-powered

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Front lights: We like PlanetBike products, and we stock the PlanetBike headlights in a range of brightness and prices.  Starting with: PlanetBike Blaze 2-watt LED front headlight. Use several settings to moderate your light output, from High and Low beam, to flashing, and get the most out of the two AAs powering the light. An easy to install handlebar bracket mounts to any size bar, and the light then quickly clips on or off the mount. We always recommend taking your lights with you when you leave your bike locked up. Glossy black, $59.99, in stock now. PlanetBike Blaze 1-watt LED front headlight. Otherwise identical to the 2-watt version, the 1-watt is a little more efficient with battery use and is still really bright. Same bracket, lens and batteries.  Matte white, $44.99 in stock now. PlanetBike Blaze .5-watt LED front headlight. Continuing the sequence down, the .5 watt has more than double the battery life of the 1-watt and 2-watt, but is, obviously, less ferociously bright. A great choice for rides on streets with partial lighting, or as a flashing attention getter during twilight light levels. Same bracket, same lens, flashing and steady modes only. Matte black, $34.99, in stock now. PlanetBike Beamer5 and Beamer3. The Beamer lights use multiple, lower-powered LED bulbs to create a stacked patch of light. Doing so is vastly more battery efficient but not as visible as any of the Blaze lights. The Beamer5 uses 5 LEDS, the Beamer3 has 3. Beamer5 comes in blue, $34.99; the Beamer3 is grey, $24.99. In stock now! For emergency and supplemental lighting, PlanetBike makes the Spok light, a single mini LED that can velcro or ziptie to almost anywhere on your bike or you. The Spok is very bright but doesn’t produce a large volume of light, making it a great light to allow other road users to see you but not enough to enable you to see obstacles in the road. White, $14.99. We brought in the Cat-Eye Uno Opticube light as an affordable priced alternative to the PlanetBike Blaze lights. Powered by a single AA, the super-bright LED bulb produces 400+ candlepower, has a steady and flash mode, and operates at least 60 hours before needing a new battery. A separate handlebar mount bracket creates a quick-release platform for easy-on/easy-off. Available in either black or silver, $29.99. In stock now!

Rear: A Seattle-based company manufactures the Carpo UltraX rear beamer light ($19.99). One bright LED housed in a mirrored parabolic shield aims straight back. Two other LEDs in a vertical column below add additional brightness through a red textured lens. The flash mode alternates between the mirrored LED and the red LEDs, creating a very noticeable and distinctive pattern. Batteries included. PlanetBike makes a companion light to the front Spok, called, reasonably enough, the rear Spok. Identical in light output and differing only in color (red versus white), the rear Spok is a great emergency or supplemental light. Transluscent red body, $14.99. In stock! Portland Design Works makes several rear lights we’ve chosen to carry.

New, USB-rechargeable lights from Light and Motion and Cygolite are in stock. We’ll add more information on this shortly.




An alternative (or a supplement) to battery-powered lights are no-maintenance lightsets from Reelight that are powered by magnetic induction. Available with or without a power-storing capacitor that keeps you shining at a red light, these lights mount to the axles of your wheels and turn on automatically as soon as you start to ride. Never worry about forgetting your lights, or having them stolen, or running out of juice ever again. These are attention-getting flashers but they will not replace a solid headlamp. They give you additional noticeability to oncoming or overtaking traffic.