Lights and Lightsets

One of the most important things to have while riding, especially during the darker months of winter, are good lights. Portland area law requires a single active white front light and a single red rear reflector. That’s a good start but not entirely sufficient in dark, wet or rainy, stormy or mixed light conditions. To combat the lack of adequate lighting, we supply front and rear battery-powered lights in all kinds of sizes, shapes, attachments, and prices. In addition to battery lights, we also stock magnetic induction powered Reelights which, once mounted to the bike, are difficult to steal and always work; they turn on and off automatically and never need to be charged or have batteries replaced. At the very top of the scale of brightness are hub dynamo powered lights; combine the easy use of no batteries to recharge or replace with the brightness of the best rechargeable battery systems for a hassle-free, wicked bright headlight. We keep separate LED headlights in stock, both battery and dynamo powered, as well as a selection of the Reelight magnetic induction lights on hand. See our light categories for Front Lights, Rear Lights, and Lightsets. If you ride at night, or even if you ride busier streets, bright bike lights can make you more visible to traffic, and in compromised lighting situations keep you from riding over potholes, fallen branches, or road-kill. We keep a bunch of different lights on hand for different riding situations. Everything from cute, inexpensive “blinky” lights from Planet Bike, to full on hard-core generator dyno hubs and capacitor lights from Shimano, SRAM, Planet Bike and Busch & Muller, as well as neat, low-key magnetic-induction lights from Reelight. We’ll keep an up-to-date listing of in-stock lights, so come check out our inventory, and always give a call with any questions. Some recommendations. For battery-powered lights… Planet Bike 2W Blaze ($59,99):Planet Bike Blaze 2W
  • Reinforced alloy midsection
  • High and low power beam along with SuperFlash™ flashing mode
  • SuperFlash™ mode is highly visible, even in daylight
  • QuickCamTM bracket mounts, adjusts or removes in seconds w/o tools
  • High/low/flashing run times of 5/12/18 hours on 2 AA batteries (included)
  • 146 Lumens
  • weighs 144 grams with batteries
For the rear, Planet Bike calls the Superflash Turbo ($33.99) “the best tail light on the planet.” Planet Bike Superflash Turbo
  • One Watt Power LED plus 2 red LEDs for visibility up to 1 mile
  • New attention-grabbing Turbo flash pattern
  • Turbo flash mode is highly visible, even in daylight
  • Ultra compact vertical design is weatherproof, lightweight and durable
  • Includes bike mounts and clip mount for multiple mounting options
  • Soft-touch power switch accesses flashing or steady mode for up to 100 hours of run time on two AAA batteries
  • weighs 75 grams with batteries