We carry primarily urban helmets from Bern, Giro, Bell, Nutcase, and Pryme.

You probably already knew this, but Nutcase and Little Nutty helmets are designed in Southeast Portland. We’ve admired them for years…and now we’re actually doing something about it

Nutcase helmets are in stock. There are at least two OSU models.



Bern Helmets

Bern helmets are luxurious and well appointed compared to most helmets. They come in many different models and styles. Some feature visors integrated into the helmet shell, and others have fabric visors that velcro to the inside. A Bern helmet will comfortably and stylishly protect any cyclist, young or old. We also have winter liners and summer liners to keep you comfortable year-round. Their newest model, the Allston, is lighter, vents better, has a cloth bill, and is cycling-specific. Here they are: Oprah-endorsed: Giro ReverbThe Giro Reverb (shown above; $60-70, depending on model) features a removable cloth bill, nine big vents for comfort, and a unique look that makes us happy when we see a cyclist wearing one in the wilds of Southeast Portland. It’s quickly become our most popular helmet. Oh, and Oprah endorses it, as you can see by her special seal. Here are some of the colors the Reverb comes in.Giro Muni   We also carry the Bell Muni, a great all-around helmet that has a new feature: a pair of very light weight red blinky lights built into its rear straps. Batteries included. Just press a button on each side and you’re good to go. Bell Muni helmet Lazer, a Belgian company which has been in business for over 80 years, is famous for innovating cutting-edge technology in bicycle helmets. Their products have adorned the heads of many cycling champions. The best part? Your child gets to benefit from that exhaustive research and development, because Joe Bike carries their safe, fun, and affordable child helmets.