Child seats

Joe Bike carries Bobike front and rear child seats, Topeak rear child seats, and the I-Bert front child seat.

Bobike child seats, made in Holland to strict European Union and US safety standards, are compact, well-built, and comfortable. They will fit a large variety of bikes, from grandma’s bicycle right through to mountain bikes. They come in sizes to suit children from 9 months to 10 years of age (ranging from the Mini+ to the Maxi+ to the Junior). In March 2011, the UK’s well-respected Mumsnet website named the front-riding Bobike Mini+ the best children’s bike seat. For age and weight ranges, please mouse over the photos below. Bobike Mini+($139) with Bug Shield ($35); 20-33 lbs., 9 mos. to 3 years

Bobike Maxi+, $229; 20-50 lbs., 9 mos. to 3 years.

Bobike Jr., $178 Topeak Babysitter with rack, $145; 20-40 lbs., 1-4 years old The Topeak Babysitter (at left) has a spring suspension to help smooth out the bumps of the road. The system includes a strong, solid, lightweight die-cast aluminI-Bert Safe-T Seatum rack, which the seat slides directly onto using a proprietary mounting system. The seat slides off, leaving the rack ready for cargo duty. It fits most bikes, and will hold children weighing 20-40 pounds.

The I Bert is a front mounting system which allows you to see what your child is doing at all times. It fits most bikes (the height of your bike’s stem will be a factor–it needs to be about 2″ or more), and accommodates children up to 38 lbs. IBert is made in the US.

IBert, $89; 20-38 lbs., 1-4 years